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About Furniture Marolles

Furniture Marolles is the collaboration between father and daughter, Ed and Ariel Clay.

Ed has been designing and making custom furniture in the Carneros region of California Wine Country for over 40 years. Ariel has been on the front end of the design world since 2012 with top brands BDDW, UHURU, and APPARATUS.

Ed first encountered a vintage Marolles three-leg chair in 2015 and made a similar prototype for himself. Shortly after that, father and daughter combined Ariel’s experience with architects, designers, and showrooms to complement Ed’s expertise as a maker to launch Furniture Marolles. The collection is meant to honor the work of the Artisans of Marolles and Jean Touret while updating the design to function in modern times and for commercial use.

The world has changed a lot since the Artisans of Marolles were producing their collection more than 60 years ago. It was then more common for a child to follow a father into the family business, and we are pleased that just as the Touret family legacy evolved, the tradition endures in the partnership of Ed and Ariel.

Ed Clay and Ariel Clay

Ed Clay and Ariel Clay